SmartVoice provides excellent call recording solutions that aid organizations increase productivity, improve customer service and abide legal regulations. Some common needs can be seen below but specific  requirements is only one phone call away. Call us now if interested.

Recording and Replay

Our custom made recording programs that rely on perfect integration of software and hardware instantaneously records all phone call conversations and stores them in various different formats ready for playback anytime. Equipped with our dynamic search options, finding conversations in days of recorded footage has never been more efficient.

Optimize Workface

With the use of our Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), customers can now be diverted to your highly trained staffs equipped with the most suitable skill to resolve the customer's enquiry. Effectively increasing customer satisfaction and providing you with better workforce allocation.

Risk Minimization

Legislations plac on organizations to record all phone calls are very common in many countries. Not only will SmartVoice help you pass legal regulations easily but also allows for simple fact verifications and dispute regulations. Reducing your concerns to specific areas allowing you to focus time and money on more urgent matters in the organization.