Partnership Advantages


As a distributor ourselves, we understand the demands and nature of vertical/horizontal partnerships and their underlying significance. So, you can be rest assured that your relationship with our company will be both rewarding and sustainable. Furthermore, you can gain access to our high-end technology products (such as PowerRec server and VoIP solutions) as well as our business expertise. So if you are looking to expand your business and scale new horizons, you have definitely come to the right place!


Experience and Expertise


A partnership with SmartVoice offers you the dual advantages of "Experience & Expertise". We have been operating in the Asia Pacific market for more than 10 years and our accumulated business intelligence can definitely add value to your operations. Moreover, our mother company is one of the leading telecommunication providers in the world and hence you can gain access to the latest technology and other R&D facilities.


Strategic Location


We are strategically positioned in Hong Kong - the Asian Financial capital. We are not only on the doorstep of the economic powerhouse of China, but also right in the middle of the Asia-Pacific region. This gives you an unparalleled advantage in terms of market access and customer base. In fact, our products are being employed in virtually every country in the Asia Pacific region - right from Singapore to Philippines to Vietnam.