SmartVoice Logger

SmartVoice Logger

SmartVoice Telephone Recording System
SmartVoice Logger is a digital multi-channel voice recording system that records telephone communications in a quick, easy and reliable manner. Our voice recording system is used in call centers, trading markets and other industries where they have been proven to enhance business performance and productivity. We provide the whole hardware/software solutions package including the recording server, voice logging software, voice cards and PCI cards at an affordable price. 

Voice Logger Features

Our voice recording system involves a combination of custom made software and hardware. As we control both the software and hardware, we can add customized features which make our machines reliable and user friendly. Here are the unique features built into our systems:

Universal Compatibility

Our voice logger can be employed in any environment including T1/E1 connections, VoIP, all types of Analog lines & Digital PABX connections; and various trigger modes including on/off hook, VOX, DTMF, Event trigger, CTI real time data & CDR capture.

Superior Digital Performance

SmartVoice servers utilize advanced compression techniques to digitize and compress incoming voice packets. They can be archived on a wide range of storage devices within the server and the network.

Intelligent Disk Management

Our system uses automatic disk management without the need for human intervention. The default option involves overwriting the oldest records first.

Versatile Playback Options

All recorded calls can be stored in various formats such as the industry standard G.729 format which can be accessed on the web or local/mobile telephone networks.

Safe and Secure Data Storage

We place the highest security measures to maintain a safe and data protected voice logger. Your data will not be accessed by anyone but you.

Web Access Point

With a web access point, you can easily search your voice recordings on any browser. This provides ample flexibility in terms of accessing your recordings.

Voice Logger Application & Benefits

view call recordings from your computer

Call Evaluation and Documentation

It has become an increasingly common practice in the financial services industry to record and document the calls and other communications. In some cases, it has even been adopted as a legal and regulatory standard.

Regulatory and Legal Compliance

You can amicably resolve internal as well as external disputes arising due to communication gaps and misinterpretation. You can leverage on the concrete evidence (original communication) in case of critical disputes and disagreement.

Reduced Risk and Liability

Our voice logger is proven to improve overall customer satisfaction (through increased monitoring) and employee productivity (through increased evaluation). Therefore, you do not need to be concerned about any compliance risk and liability.

How It Works

Still not sure how it works? Don't worry; here is a diagram to show how our SmartVoice Logger can help you in more ways than one.
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