SmartVoice Interactive Voice Response System & Unified Message System

About IVRS

Automate interactions with telephone callers using our Interactive Voice Response System which is the most responsive IVR system in HK (Hong Kong). Customers can use a touch-tone telephone to interact with a database to acquire information from or enter data into the database.

About UMS

Unified Message System (UMS) helps manage fax, email and voice mail messages in a single mailbox. By unifying message administration, it saves time and cost, enhances business productivity and makes mail management simple and efficient.

Enhanced Perspective

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The IVRS system reduces workload and eliminates the need for additional manpower. This enables you to focus on core service areas and analyze operations from a better perspective.

Cost Effective


By handling all forms of messages - email, voicemail, fax etc. - at the same place, you can save time and money. In fact, UMS has proven to be cost effective and yield a high ROI to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

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The IVRS system enables you to provide quality service 24/7 to your customers who can access information whenever and wherever they want; in turn increasing customer satisfaction levels.

Higher Efficiency

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Accessing all messages from a single mailbox definitely boosts employee productivity and business results by saving time spent on reading, processing and managing different types of messages from different locations.

Increased Productivity

The IVRS system helps save cost (due to reduced manpower) and time (due to system automation). It also leads to operational efficiency and helps boost business productivity.

Easier Management

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UMS enables employees to access and manage messages easily, effectively and more conveniently. Our message unification services have earned praises for simplifying operations.

Greater Flexibility

The IVRS system is both multi-functional and intelligent; giving you higher flexibility in terms of employee management, service quality, service hours and overall system design.

Simple User Interface

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Recognizing the non-technical background of our customers, we have specifically designed the system in a very user friendly manner with an easy to use user interface and detailed user manuals.