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We provide call recording solutions to a wide range of public and private sectors across Asia. Whether you are a small or large organization, our highly trained engineers will build a customized voice logger system which allows you to record VoIP calls and fulfill any of your requirements.
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Voice Recording Solution for Call Centers

Call Centers require representatives to record VoIP calls. Our telephone recording systems have been deployed in thousands of call centers and have been proven to enhance agent productivity and boost business results. We have an in-depth understanding and insight about the diverse IT environment and operational requirements of the contact centers; hence we are able to deliver highly customized and productive call recording solutions.

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SmartVoice application in financial markets

Voice Recording Solution for Financial Markets

We are strategically located in the Asian Financial Capital and hence possess a track record of delivering tailor made solutions, such as voice logger systems, for the financial industry. We understand the dynamic, risky and ever-changing financial market place therefore we incorporated several key features such as risk minimization, increased security and a user-friendly system design. With orders being executed over the phone these days, we have released a phone call recording solution for such instances.

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SmartVoice application in governments

Voice Recording Solution for Government Services

We provide call recording services to various emergency services including police, fire and rescue services, emergency medical units and other public utilities. Our telephone recording systems have been mainly used for call evaluation, documentation and legal compliance in these areas which have been proven to be reliable and secure even during crisis situations. We also provide voice solutions for air traffic control along with radar recording services. In other cases, our solutions incorporate screen capture capabilities to provide a holistic picture.

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SmartVoice application in businesses

Voice Recording Solution for Business

SmartVoice provides excellent call recording solutions that aid organizations increase productivity, improve customer service and abide legal regulations. We recently released a phone call recording solution for business professionals so they can record phone calls on top of recording VoIP calls. Some common needs are further explained but specific requirements are only one phone call away.

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